Why is General Science so Important?

Why is General Science so Important?
General knowledge or general science has been defined in the perception of psychology as "knowledge related to culture / culture". This is usually communicated to a different level of media (not necessarily media specialists) and covers a wide variety of broad topics. This definition does not include learning or highly specialized learning. This can only be obtained with extensive training and unlimited information limited to a single media.
General knowledge. It is an important component of realized intelligence and is closely related to general intelligence and to open-mindedness. Studies have found that people who are very knowledgeable in certain fields tend to be knowledgeable in many ways. Why is General Science so Important? General science is something that really helps us to grow; at both personal and academic levels.
General science will increase knowledge and knowledge in the world, understand and analyze situations better with information, knowledge from the right sources and correct. Example of Science. Language is a science, so language applies to the public and systematic. Anyone, anytime, anywhere, if you want to learn a language, must go through the stages of speaking, listening, reading and writing. This proves that language is a science that has a general and systematic nature which is used as a basis / reference. So who is the language teacher?
The language teacher is the science of language itself, while the instructor is the teacher / liaison / linguist of linguistics. Knowledge Is information that is known or realized by a person / group and cannot be learned by the public, but knowledge can become a science if it has been studied and tested so that it can be available to the public. Knowledge includes, but is not limited to descriptions, hypotheses, concepts, theories, principles and procedures that Bayesian Probability is true or useful. Examples of Knowledge. For example, shamanism or psychology, whose culprit is usually called paranormal and has been recognized for its benefits and truth.
Because because it is still individual / group and not systematic and not open, then people who want to learn it must find their own teacher. The teacher is a reference that must be followed because the teacher is itself (another teacher of knowledge). So, knowledge can be made a science if it has been tested, systematically so that everyone can learn it openly. General Science Requirements. Unlike knowledge, science is specific knowledge about what causes something and why. There is a scientific requirement that something can be called a science.
Scientific nature as a requirement of science is much influenced by the paradigms of natural sciences that have existed beforehand. Objectives of General Science. Science must have an object of study consisting of one class of problems which are the same nature, appearing from the outside as well as from the inside. The object can exist, or it might exist because it still has to be tested for its existence. In studying an object, what is sought is truth, that is, a match between know and object, so that it is called objective truth; not subjective based on the subject of researchers or subjects as research support. Methodist General Sciences.
Methodist is the efforts made to minimize the possibility of irregularities in finding the truth. Consequently, there must be a certain way to guarantee the certainty of truth. Methodist comes from the Greek "Method" which means: way, way. In general methodical means the particular method used and generally refers to the scientific method. Systematic General Sciences. In its journey of trying to find out and explain an object, science must be decomposed and formulated in an orderly and logical relationship so as to form a system that means wholly, thoroughly, integrated and able to explain the sequence of causes and effects concerning the object.
Knowledge that is arranged systematically in a series of cause and effect is a third requirement of science. Universal General Science. The truth to be achieved is universal truth that is general in nature (not specific). Example: all triangles are 180ยบ. Therefore universal is the fourth science requirement. Lately, social sciences realize the level of generality (universal) they contain is different from the natural sciences because the object is human action. Therefore to reach the level of universality in the social sciences, certain contexts must be available as well.

Understanding of Science According to Experts and in General

Understanding of Science According to Experts and in General
Understanding of Science According to Experts and In General - Science, science, or science are all conscious attempts to investigate, discover, and improve human understanding from various aspects of reality in human nature. These aspects are limited in order to produce definitive formulations. Science provides certainty by limiting the scope of its views, and certainty of science is obtained from its limitations.
Another understanding of science is a system of various knowledge obtained from the results of examinations carried out carefully using a certain method. So, science is all the activities of a situation by using tools, procedures, methods, methods, so as to produce new knowledge for humans themselves. Knowledge is knowledge that has been grouped, systematized, and interpreted so as to produce an objective truth and its scientific truth has been tested.
Simply, knowledge is an activity of thinking to get the right knowledge or simply aiming at science to get the truth. Science is not just knowledge, but summarizes a collection of knowledge based on agreed theories and can be systematically tested with a set of methods that are recognized in a particular field of science (Indonesian Journal Science). Viewed from the perspective of philosophy, science is formed because humans try to think further about the knowledge they have. The knowledgeable person means he has knowledge, basis, understanding, and has limits depending on his limitations in seeking knowledge gained. Science is concrete, so that it can be observed, studied, and taught and tested for its truth, regular, unique or special in the sense of having its own methodology, objects, systematics and theories.
Science must also be empirical (the result of the five senses or experiments), systematic, objective, analytical, and verification. Understanding of Science According to Experts and in General. Etymology Understanding Science. Etymologically, the word science comes from the Arabic "ilm" which means to understand, understand, or know. In English, "science" or the Latin "Scientia" which contains the verb scire which means to know or know.
In terms of word absorption, science can mean understanding knowledge, and social science can mean knowing social problems, and so on. Understanding Science According to the Dictionary. Understanding of knowledge according to Dictionary is as follows, knowledge of a field arranged systematically according to a particular method, which can be used to explain certain symptoms in that field (knowledge). knowledge or intelligence (about worldly, afterlife, birth, mental, and so on). Understanding the knowledge according to the dictionary is as follows, everything that is known; intelligence. everything that is known with regard to things (subjects)
Understanding of Science According to Experts. In addition to the general understanding of science as explained earlier, there are many more opinions and views of experts who differ in defining what science is. For more details, consider the following understanding of knowledge according to experts and experts in full, The definition of science is knowledge or regular study of general legal work, cause and effect in a group of problems that are the same both in terms of position and relationship. Science, according to Dadang Ahmad S, is a process of forming knowledge continuously to be able to explain the phenomena and existence of nature itself.
Understanding of science is something that starts from knowledge, comes from revelation, heart and universe that has paradigms, objects of observation, methods, and communication media to form new science with the aim of understanding the universe to use it and find themselves to explore the potential for fitrawi.
Understanding science is the emission of bodily metabolism as the creator's guidance originating from the interaction process of the phenomena of the phenomena through the dimensions of the heart, mind, rational empirical and essential lust in explaining the nature of the universe in order to perfect the responsibility of the caliphate. Science is a continuous process of knowledge formation to explain the phenomena and existence of nature itself.
The definition of science is the search for information or data through an observation, study & experiment, which aims to determine the nature, basis and origin. Science is a stable & comprehensive description of a fact from experience in simple terms. Knowledge is all knowledge collected using the scientific method and is the result of a process created using that method. Understanding of science is a collection of activities that can produce many discoveries, both in the form of rejection and development. Science is a process of continuous self improvement that consists of the development of theory & empirical testing.

The Main Ingredient in the Majority of the Pulp and Paper Industry in the World

The Main Ingredient in the Majority of the Pulp and Paper Industry in the World
Did you know, besides trees, it turns out that seaweed fiber also has the potential to become a raw material for paper production. Currently the world's paper needs continue to increase. Global paper and pulp production is expected to increase until 2020. This is due to the increase in world population and in line with the increase in literacy activities and the quality of life of the people. This high demand for paper will put additional pressure to utilize the diminishing forest resources in the world. One alternative natural fiber that can be sought as a substitute for wood fiber is seaweed. Seaweed can be used as paper material because of the discovery of fibers that have high flexibility and contain liquid adhesive substances.
That way, this process is safe for the environment and does not negatively impact health. In addition, comparison of the effect of raw materials seaweed, seaweed that is used as raw material for paper also has advantages, namely the lack of toxic components that exist on paper. This is due to the production process, paper processing from seaweed can use non-chlorine bleach and the selection of chemicals that are relatively safe.
Efforts to develop the seaweed processing industry into paper are supported by the fact that is one of the largest seaweed producers in the world. According to data from the Directorate General of Aquaculture, seaweed production, or more than doubled. Previously, seaweed production. Although it can be made into paper, fiber from seaweed processing waste has weaknesses when viewed in terms of the strength of the paper bond produced.
This factor will affect the physical properties of the paper, which are tensile and tear resistance. The composition of the long fibers and short fibers that fit in the sheet of paper will provide better fiber formation. To make paper that meets the standards, there needs to be a suitable combination of fibers. Wood fiber materials from raw processes or obtained from paper recycling can be added to get the desired combination.
Besides the low strength of the fiber bond, paper from seaweed has the advantage of high brightness, smoothness, and opacity. This is because the fibers are short and very tight so the specific surface area becomes high. The nature of this paper is very good to be used as high-value printing paper. Paper is produced from cellulose-rich material, in this case wood is widely used as the main ingredient in the majority of the pulp and paper industry in the world because it has various advantages compared to other sources of cellulose.
Wood is a natural polymer where 90-99% of its weight is in the form of a polymer. Of that amount, 65-75% are polysaccharides. Wood cells consist of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Cellulose forms a skeleton surrounded by other compounds that function as matrices (hemicellulose) and coating materials (lignin). To become a paper product, wood must be processed through various stages such as pulping, bleaching, to become sheets of paper in the paper machine process. In the pulping process, the methods used are also very varied, including mechanical, chemical, semi-chemical methods and several intermediate methods.
The choice of method is very dependent on the type of raw material (fiber source) used and the desired destination of the final product. The final product produced can be in the form of cultural paper (newsprint, printed paper, etc.) and industrial paper such as cement bag paper, duplex paper, paper wrap or packaging that are commonly used in the publishing, printing, packaging, cigarette industry, and service industries. In addition, tissue paper can also be produced, such as cigarette paper and household paper.
Community pressure to process paper waste, reduce the use of trees and processing industrial waste has been responded to, one of them by recycling paper. Although this is one of the positive steps, it is not yet a perfect answer, both environmentally and economically. This is because, in treating waste paper produces printing ink that causes pollution and from the economic side, recycled paper is considered inferior as new paper because the paper fibers become shorter so that the quality decreases.

The Fried Tuna Business is Quite Profitable

The Fried Tuna Business is Quite Profitable
Tuna is one of the fish that has high nutrition. This tuna fish meat contains calories, protein, fat and iron needed by the body. The protein contained in the tuna is useful as the growth of body cells while for iron in the body of the tuna is very useful for forming red blood cells. So if you consume tuna, it is certainly very beneficial for your health. This tuna can be processed into various types of delicious food and will be very popular.
Processed tuna can also be used as a business opportunity spicy fried tuna fish that is profitable to run because many people like this food as a daily meal menu. One way to cook fish is by frying it and this dish is also commonly called by the name of fried tuna. The fried tuna business is quite profitable because many people like fried tuna, especially if the fried tuna is given the addition of delicious and delicious spicy seasonings. This food is also suitable if used as a special menu in food stalls. Fried tuna is much loved by all circles because it is very delicious when eaten together with warm rice makes your appetite even more passionate.
Tuna has thick meat and is suitable when cooked by frying and spicy seasoning. Surely it will shake every tongue of those who eat it Product Info Spicy Fried Tuna Fish. Tuna fish is a sea fish that is preferred because of its thick meat. Besides the content of vitamins, protein that is very good for the body. This spicy fried tuna fish has become one of the delicious dishes and arouse appetite. Characteristics of fish leather cob, Fried tuna with spicy seasoning is made from raw materials of fresh tuna with good quality.
Tuna with quality and thick meat will make the taste of the dishes become more delicious. Spicy seasoning used to make this menu such as garlic, onion, large red chili, green cayenne pepper, red tomatoes, ginger, sugar, salt, flavoring which is then mashed and sauteed with a little oil. The taste of the spicy fried tuna is very delicious and will not cause fishy odor because there is ginger as a deodorizing remover. This menu will be very delicious if served together with warm rice with fresh drinks. Consumers of Spicy Fried Tuna Fish.
Tuna is loved by the community starting from children - children for growing up, teenagers, and parents. This tuna can be found on the market at an affordable price. But most people today prefer to buy food outside because it is more practical and easier. To cook this spicy fried tuna with spicy season, it is actually not long, but for those who are busy with work and do not have time to cook. This menu can be purchased at the nearest food stalls. Therefore, if you sell a menu of spicy cob-fried spicy fish, many will like it. Especially if it is sold at an affordable price and is suitable for various groups of people Marketing of Spicy Fried Tuna Fish.
The tuna menu is very suitable as a mainstay menu in food stalls, restaurants or hotels because the tuna is quite a favorite for the community. So if you sell it to a food stall just by making a banner by attaching a menu of spicy fried tuna fish, everyone will know if you sell the tuna menu. If it is still early in opening a food stall then you should give a rather large portion so that these first customers can return to the food stall you run. In addition, if the taste of the cuisine is delicious and able to arouse appetite, consumers will also like it even more so if the price is quite affordable and right for the pockets of the lower classes. The business opportunity of spicy fried tuna with spicy season can indeed be the right choice for running a business.

Installment Application for Online Electronic System

Installment Application for Online Electronic System
There are various ways for someone to invest. Whether in the form of mutual funds, property, or in the form of precious metals or gold. No doubt, gold is still the most popular and excellent in Indonesia to invest. In the past, when someone wanted to invest in gold, he had to go to a gold shop or market to buy it. There is no efficient and easy way to realize the plan. Now, everything changes. Along with the times and technological advances, there are many services or platforms that offer the need to buy or sell gold easily.
There are already many online services to meet this need that can be chosen. Also read: These Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold Investment Transaction of buying and selling gold through online is considered easier, because the process can be done only quickly without the need to shop in gold. Now enough via smartphones that are gripping. Summarizes the selection of online gold trading applications that you can use. Here is the list. - Store information system for gold is a financial technology company that is engaged in trading precious metals in gold through a mobile application. Many stores offer a modern way of trading gold, starting from 0.01 grams.
Prospective buyers and buyers can easily buy, sell, to transfer gold between friends virtually from a smartphone. Gold Installment Program that facilitates the purchase of gold with low down payment and competitive interest. Store for gold product is a financial technology company, affiliated with that has been licensed and overseen by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.
Sale and purchase of gold online. Aware of the high growth of public interest in gold investment every year, e-mas then presents a platform that offers convenience to sell and buy gold online in response to these investment needs. To meet this goal, e-mas presents the e-mas mobile application which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store or App Store.
Through the e-mas mobile application, e-mas presents an easy, practical buying and selling process, which saves time, money and effort. All of these processes can be done anytime and anywhere online using a smartphone. The Gold Plan Service is a service for IndoGold Members where they can buy and sell items up to the smallest weight of 0.5 grams.
Goods purchased and sold through the Gold Plan system will be deposited temporarily to the organizer until there is an order to Withdraw the Goods or Withdrawal of Money from the sale. Minimum withdrawal of goods is 0.5 gram. Free fees for Gold Plan services. Installment services for members. By paying in installments you can tie the purchase price for the items you want. Submitting an installment application can be easily done through an online electronic system. Goods can be collected at the office or at partner stores when all obligations are fulfilled.
Not just buying. Borrowing services with gold collateral. By taking a gold pawning service you are entitled to get cash for your gold deposit. Of course you will be charged a surcharge on this service. You can redeem your gold collateral after all your obligations have been fulfilled. online jewelry sales company that was founded in 2004.
Provides a variety of high quality jewelry at affordable prices. The products provided are wedding rings, engagement rings, women's diamond rings, men's rings, and others. In addition, it also sells precious metals in various units of weight, as well as GIA certified diamonds for those of you who want to invest.

Characterized by a form of Money Laundering as a Crime

Characterized by a form of Money Laundering as a Crime
Money Laundering as a crime has a characteristic that is that this crime is not a single crime but a double crime. This is characterized by a form of money laundering as a crime that is a follow-up crime or a follow-up crime, while the main crime or original crime is called a predicate offense or core crime or there are countries that formulate it as an unlawful actifity that is the original crime that generates money which is then carried out the laundering process.
In the provisions of Article number of Law stated that money laundering is all acts that meet the elements of a criminal offense in accordance with the provisions in the law. In this sense, the elements in question are elements of the perpetrators, elements of acts against the law and elements are the result of criminal acts.
While the definition of money laundering can be seen in the provisions of articles of Law. The point is that money laundering is a form of crime committed either by a person and / or corporation intentionally placing, transferring, transferring, spending, paying, granting, entrusting, bringing abroad, changing forms, exchanging with currency or securities or other acts of assets that are known to or reasonably suspected constitute the proceeds of crime with the aim of concealing or disguising the origin of those assets, including those who receive and control them. The experts have classified the process of money laundering (money laundering) into three stages, namely: Crime of money laundering and modus business law.
Placement Stage: the stage where funds are placed from criminal activities, for example by depositing the dirty money into the financial system. The amount of money placed in a bank, then the money will go into the financial system of the country concerned. So for example through smuggling, there is a placement of cash from one country to another, combining illegal cash with money obtained legally. Another variation is by placing demand deposits into bank deposits, into shares, converting and transferring into foreign currencies.
Layering Phase: what is meant by the layering stage is the stage by coating. Various methods can be done through this stage in order to eliminate traces, both the original features or the origin of the money. For example, transferring funds from several accounts to other locations or from one country to another and can be done many times, breaking up the amount of funds in the bank with the intention of obscuring its origin, transferring in the form of foreign exchange, buying shares, conducting derivative transactions, and others.
Many times it also happens that the depositors of the funds are already in layers far away, because they have tried many times to save beforehand. It could also be done this way for example the owner of dirty money asking for credit at the bank and with the dirty money used to finance a business activity legally. By doing this method, it appears that the legal business activities are not the result of the dirty money but from the bank credit acquisition.
Integration Stage: is the stage of reuniting the dirty money after going through the placement or layering stages above, which will subsequently be used for various legal activities. In this way it will appear that the activities carried out now are not related to previous illegal activities, and it is at this stage that the dirty money is washed. From the above explanation, it can be concluded that the purpose of the perpetrators of money laundering is to hide or disguise the results of the predicate offence so as not to be tracked for further use.
So it is not only for the purpose of hiding but to change the performance or the origin of the proceeds of crime for further purposes and to eliminate direct contact with the original crime. Thus it is clear that in various financial crimes (interprise crimes) money laundering will almost certainly be carried out to hide the proceeds of the crime in order to avoid lawsuits.

Human Trafficking is a form of Crimes against Humanity

Human Trafficking is a form of Crimes against Humanity
Human Trafficking is the recruitment, sending, or holding of people by means of threats or violence for the purpose of exploitation, prostitution, sex, abuse of power and slavery that only benefits one party. (Trafficking Victims Protection Act UN 2000). In my opinion, human trafficking is a type of crimes against humanity that violates human rights. According to my own definition, human trafficking is a form of crimes against humanity in which individuals or groups of people are forced and tortured only for the purpose of exploitation, sex and ultimately only benefit one party.
In the current era, human trafficking is not only limited to sending workers abroad, but also the sale of children and women for purposes that are not humanitarian. Based on the Asian Development Bank report (2003: 49) it is said that the position of women in seven South Asian countries is in a lower position than men.
This is what causes the sex trade. The problem is, cultural and economic factors as of human trafficking, which mostly involves women, ends in acts of physical and sexual violence that are very inhumane, or even beyond human limits because it is not uncommon for these women to be traded to end in death. The sex trade is a very serious crime against humanity in this era, considering that many women are made into prostitutes and sold to developed countries.
In this case, it is clearly very serious considering women are forced and tortured for the benefit of a handful of people. It is undeniable that poverty is the main and most important factor that causes many women to be forced or forced to do this, but nowadays this is no longer a taboo considering that in this world there are a group of countries that can be said to be Women Producing Countries where they send womens to be exploited to other countries.
Why is this considered the most serious crime of humanity? Because the victims here are women who should be protected. Besides women, children are also often targeted in the sex trade. It has been explained above that one of the reasons women are often targeted in the sex trade is because they are considered weak. In some countries in the world, women are still underestimated so that it is very easy for men to torture and enslave women.
But unfortunately, children are also being targeted by pimps for trafficking. In my opinion, the main factor these children are involved in the sex trade is because of the economic demands of the family. In some cases that are often aired in electronic media, most of the underage children are women who are sold by their families because of the economic crush on them.
The family was offered a sum of money which they said was very large to exchange with their child. In fact, not infrequently families are deceived by the pimps. They tell the family of the child that the child will be employed in the city but in reality the child will be trafficked to satisfy their sexual needs. These children are often targeted because they are even weaker than adult women. They still don't understand the law, they still can't think far.
This is what causes these children to be easily manipulated and made easy targets for sex trafficking, which of course produces not a small amount of money for certain parties. Trafficking generally comes from places or countries that have high economic and social difficulties that cause large-scale migration which is detrimental to the country. In South Asia itself, India is the country of origin of the sex trade.
The sex trade route in South Asia itself starts from the outskirts of Nepal and Bangladesh and ends in central Indian cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi or Kolkata. India is a country of origin for the sex trade because India is one of the poorest populations in the world. Economic difficulties make men sell their wives and children and families sell their daughters. In addition, in India itself gender bias is very thick. India is one of the seven countries in South Asia that places women in a very low position. Even in this country these women are discriminated against both directly and indirectly.